• Interactive voice response (IVR)

    Interactive voice response (IVR)

    Provide proactive, personalized customer service and drive new revenue. Outbound IVR is the latest evolution of the robo-call—a telemarketing system…

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  • Payment notifications

    Payment notifications

    Need to contact your customers or a select group of customers? Perhaps you want to notify your customer that a…

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  • Data input

    Data input

    Current, accurate and compliant data is key to successful marketing. We provide accurate data entry from any format - hand…

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  • Data collection

    Data collection

    Our data collection programs are customized to meet our clients’ unique needs and can be used to serve a variety…

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  • Welcome and feedback calls

    Welcome and feedback calls

    Businesses need to have feedback and welcome calling services in place so that they do not remain aloof from their…

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  • Appointment scheduling

    Appointment scheduling

    If you‘re about to get those handshakes and signatures.. Our bespoke campaigns will result in fully qualified appointments with decision-makers…

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  • Telesales


    Telemarketing offers organisations of all sizes the opportunity to expand and develop their customer base with reduce costs and impressive…

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  • New customer search

    New customer search

    Every bussines needs new clients! We know how actively target decision makers in the sectors that matter for your business.…

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  • Consumer telephone market research

    Consumer telephone market research

    We have assembled an amazingly experienced and effective team. When your research project needs a personal touch, a customer advocate,…

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  • B2B telephone market research

    B2B telephone market research

    CATI can help us reach hard-to-reach target audiences, like B2B, that may not wish to engage with online surveys. SmartCalls…

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  • Focus groups selection of participants

    Focus groups selection of participants

    You handle the business, we’ll handle the process! We provide a fast, valid, insightful and cost effective way to bring…

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  • Customer satisfaction research

    Customer satisfaction research

    One of the most valuable tools to evaluate your operating procedures and overall customer service. A telephone survey is a…

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